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PURE PATH’s special-interest and event-driven investment approach provides unique opportunities, competitive advantages and unprecedented results.


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Alternative Capital Solutions

Today, small business growth is particularly hindered by a lack of traditional funding. Our disciplined approach provides liquidity for emerging small to mid-cap private and public companies and creates superior non-correlated risk adjusted returns while maximizing long-term growth and capital appreciation.


Targeted Growth Strategies

Innovation has, and always will, come from small business entrepreneurship. We provide value-added corporate and government relationships, transaction leadership and international sponsorships to strategically motivate event-driven opportunities and provide results that may otherwise be unobtainable.


Our Projects

Project One
Standard Metals Processing, Inc (Milling Services)

As a result of an acquisition of Shea Mining and Milling, completed in March 2011, Standard Metals Processing, Inc (OTCCBB:SMPR) is in position to provide custom, specialty and toll milling services to mining companies throughout the world.

As their senior creditor, PURE PATH has raised over $3 million to secure valuable assets including 1174 acres of property in Esmeralda County, Nevada. This expansion program will position Standard Metals Processing, Inc as the premier gold mill partner and one of the few pure play publicly traded processing facilities in the market place.

Project Two
(Alternative Energy)
PURE PATH reserves the right to explore and implement alternative energy solutions, such as Solar and Geothermal, on its properties to reduce direct costs and economic impact of electrical grid supplies as well as offering another reoccurring revenue source.