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PURE PATH’s special-interest and event-driven investment approach provides unique opportunities, competitive advantages and unprecedented results.


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Alternative Capital Solutions

Today, small business growth is particularly hindered by a lack of traditional funding. Our disciplined approach provides liquidity for emerging small to mid-cap private and public companies and creates superior non-correlated risk adjusted returns while maximizing long-term growth and capital appreciation.


Targeted Growth Strategies

Innovation has, and always will, come from small business entrepreneurship. We provide value-added corporate and government relationships, transaction leadership and international sponsorships to strategically motivate event-driven opportunities and provide results that may otherwise be unobtainable.


Experience Matters

The ambition, culture and values behind PURE PATH professionals are instilled throughout the GROUP’s distinctive relationships.  Our keen interest in promoting economic development throughout the world allows us to create environments that recognizes, nurtures, and rewards entrepreneurial talent as well as endorsing cross-cultural methodologies, teamwork and reverence.


The executive team has over sixty years of investing, business development and finance experience.  The General Partners, Board of Directors, Business Advisory Council and Corporate Counsel provide additional industry and business experience.

Board of Directors:

Mr. Alfred F. Gerriets II
Founder & Chairman of the Board

Mr. Gerriets is the founder and chairman of the board of Pure Path Capital Management Company. Throughout his career, Mr. Gerriets has been a financial entrepreneur. His expertise is in domestic and international business development. He has worked for multi-national high-net worth corporations and organizations. both foreign and domestic.

Previously he founded and served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for the Consensio Group International, a boutique strategic advisory firm. The firm focused on investment management and developing innovative strategies for capital formation for alternative asset managers, corporations and governments. Mr. Gerriets led a team that developed a global, macro long-short strategy, generating above market rates of return that were non-correlated to the market with a low standard deviation on a highly liquid basis. Additionally, Mr. Gerriets was issued three patents from the US Patent and Trade- mark office in recognition of the unique and innovative proprietary technologies of the Consensio companies.

Through Consensio Partners Asia, Mr. Gerriets created a real estate platform with a focus on the greater China region. He partnered with major state owned Chinese enterprises and renowned private developers. His efforts were honored at an official state reception in the Great Hall of the People at Tiananmen Square, hosted by Mr. Cheng Siwei, Vice Chairman of the National People's Congress Standing Committee.

Mr. Gerriets was one of the founders of the US China Real Estate Summit, an organization created for cooperation between US and Chinese Real Estate markets and participants. He is a participating member in the International Financial Forum, The Euro 50 Group, The Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee and the Roundtable Conference of Global money.

Mr. Gerriets has worked at Capital One Bank and its predecessor North Fork Bank, the fifth largest Bank in the United States. Mr. Gerriets was responsible for sourcing, arranging and introducing what is now the Asset Based Lending Platform for the Bank.. The group had four offices with 54 employees and generated USD 2 billion in loan commitments in less than four years as well as significant profits and a Blue Chip clientele. In addition, during his employment at Capital One Bank, Mr. Gerriets was a member of the Business Concierge Group and ranked in the top tier in all business categories during his tenure.

From 1985 to 1990 Mr. Gerriets was the founder, Chairman and CEO of his own investment company. He was acknowledged as a top entrepreneur in America under the age of thirty for his company’s success by the Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs. He was recognized in the book The Dynamos (published by John Wiley and Sons) as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs in America under the age of 30.

Mr. Gerriets is one of the founders of Young Entrepreneurs Organization (YEO) / World Entrepreneurs Organization, the premiere, peer-to-peer, global community network and resource for young entrepreneurs. With more than 4,700 members in 142 cities, across 35 countries, the organization provides its members access to a dynamic network of their peers on an international level.

Mr. Gerriets was born and raised in New York. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, where he received a BA in International Relations in 1981. He is involved in many philanthropic and charitable causes.
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Mr. Mikael J. Pschera
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Pschera has fourteen years of cross-border business development, investment and corporate mergers and acquisitions experience as an investment banker, strategy consultant and senior advisor.


Mikael worked for Lehman Brothers and Citigroup as an investment banker, being based out of New York.  During that time he advised on more than USD 6 billion of transactions, including acquisitions, divestitures, equity issuance, and debt placement for private and public companies. His focus was on small- to mid-size companies in the specialty finance and real estate investment trust segment.


Prior to becoming an investment banker he worked for The Monitor Company.  He was a management consultant in the Management Strategy Consulting unit and later a financial advisor in the Monitor Advisory for Strategic Transactions (MAST) unit, being stationed in Boston, London and Stockholm.  He played an active role in establishing The Monitor Company’s Stockholm office and he was the first MAST member stationed in the US.


Mr. Pschera has advised clients on business development and capital structure initiatives, strategic partnerships, product sourcing and mergers and acquisition.  He has significant advisory experience from Germany, Finland, Greece, Sweden, Russia, UK, China, South Korea and the U.S.  Industries covered include natural resources, power and energy, heavy manufacturing, transportation, real estate, gaming and entertainment, and financial institutions. 


Mr. Pschera is a Phi Beta Kappa and Beta Gamma Sigma graduate from Boston University where he received a dual-degree in Business Administration and Economics with Distinction, Summa Cum Laude.  He holds an MBA from the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia. He is fluent in English and Swedish and conversant in German and Finnish.

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Mr. J. Bryan Read (LT Colonel, US Army Retired)
Executive Vice President of Business Development

Prior to Pure Path, Mr. Read served as a business development officer and independent consultant for variety of companies.  He has introduced business clients to private, public, and government sector opportunities by analytics, networking, scheduling, and facilitating meetings.  The goal was to present revenue generating opportunities as well as merger and acquisition opportunities.  Duties performed included negotiating terms of agreement for client projects, analyzing business models, developing marketing strategies, and reviewing P&L.   Sectors covered were B2B connectivity and management services, e-mail encryption technology software, earned value management software, steel manufacturing technology, construction, antennas, smart grid technologies, computer simulations, and sports recovery nutritional products.  Mr. Read regularly organized and facilitated meetings with Fortune 500 senior management, government agencies, and congressional staffs and his efforts have a proven track record of producing contracts, teaming arrangements, alliances, and reseller agreements. 


Mr. Read honorably served as an officer and a commander in the United States Army.  He has over twenty years professional military experience in leadership management, military logistics, training operations, missile defense, property management, diplomacy, and supply systems.  As a military attaché assigned to the State Department and an overseas United States Embassy in the Former Soviet Union, he regularly planned and conducted meetings with high level foreign government officials and ministries on behalf of the United States involving important defense and commerce related matters.   He has served as the Russian language Interpreter and team escort for the U.S. Humanitarian Special Operations Mission to Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan and as a professor of Russian language at the United States Military Academy at West Point.


Bryan is the President and Founder of Keystone General Contracting and Technologies LLC: a Veteran Owned Small Business. 


Mr. Read has a master’s degree from Cornell University and is a graduate of the United States Army Command and General Staff College.  He was a Senior Fellow at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies in Garmisch, Germany.  He earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Alabama. 


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Mr. Michael Markiewicz (CPA/PFS, CFP)
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Markiewicz has over 30 years of experience in providing financial guidance to entertainment professionals, family offices, small businesses, and C-level executives.  In addition to his role at Pure Path, Mr. Markiewicz is a Partner at Feuer & Orlando LLP where he provides financial planning and tax services.  He also oversees the new My CFO Program, a service offered to professionals seeking individualized expertise towards better managing their finances with regards to wealth preservation, tax planning, and contract negotiations.  In addition, Mr. Markiewicz provides personal CFO services, with particular expertise in catering to high net worth individuals.


Mr. Markiewicz serves on the board of Standard Gold, Inc., a public company where he is the head of the audit committee and a member of the compensation committee.  He also serves on the board of Moving Windmills Project, Inc., a non-profit organization where the mission is rural economic development and education in Malawi, Africa. Mr. Markiewicz is active in ORT America, which focuses on education, American Technion Society which supports the Israeli high tech and research university and several other non-profit organizations.


Previously, Mr. Markiewicz was a senior manager with CBIZ MHM Family Office Services. He has held positions at Deloitte & Touche, Marks Paneth & Shron, and The Boston Company. He has served as vice president and CFO at the private family office for the Norman-Weil family.


Mr. Markiewicz graduated from Tufts University with BA in Economics and Sociology. He received his MBA and MS in Accounting from Northeastern University. He is a member of the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and the Estate Planning Council of New York City. He is a frequent speaker and has been quoted regularly in Forbes, Dow Jones News Service and other financial and CPA publications. He has been featured on the Money Matters segment on NY 1 in New York.  Most recently he has been a featured speaker with PAM (Private Asset Management) discussing estate and income tax planning. Michael serves also as an elected member to the board of the Estate Planning Council of New York City.


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Mr. Jay A. Listerman
Vice President of Operations

Mr. Listerman is a key contributor in formulating strategic goals to expand corporate capabilities and ensuring that business resources are properly allocated to achieve positive and timely results throughout each project.  Prior to Pure Path, Mr. Listerman worked as an independent consultant and served as Chief Operating Officer for KTK Business Development Group, LLC where he was responsible for organizing and managing key aspects of the business and related day-to-day activities focused on business-to-government (B2G) market opportunities. 


Mr. Listerman is a seasoned professional with over a decade of successful business development experience within print manufacturing, healthcare and professional services industries.  He has supported multiple companies in planning and executing corporate growth strategies resulting in cross-regional and international joint ventures, diversified and increased sales and turnaround times by more than 150%, and directed the software development of a customer relations Rapid Response commerce program.  Mr. Listerman has a proven record of generating revenues throughout market downturns and brings a fresh vision of problem solving solutions.


His diverse business acumen embraces several years as Marketing Manager as well as spearheading numerous entrepreneurial projects including bootstrap start-up management, operational management, corporate restructuring and recapitalization, product diversification, leadership training, quality assurance, and human resources. 


Mr. Listerman launched his own independent consulting business in 2009, to follow his passion to help others, where he acquired the knowledge and thirst for federal contracting, M&A transactions, and various means of mitigating risk while maximizing overall capital appreciation. 


A scholar-athlete, Mr. Listerman holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, with a dual major in Marketing and Management as well as emphasis toward economics, and an Associate of Arts degree in Advertising from Northwood University, Michigan.  He is also an active member of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG Global).


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International Advisory Council:

Mr. Xingxing Liu, PhD
Advisory Member

Dr. Xingxing Liu is the founder of Beijing Wayland Consulting Company, a Beijing-based company that provides management consulting, business consulting and investment banking advice to Chinese and multinational companies. Areas of expertise range from corporate and business strategy development, marketing planning to alliance formation, business development, and investment valuation in the China market. Clients Dr. Liu has served include major Chinese power generation, telecom equipment manufacturers, mutual fund management and securities brokerage companies and multinational companies in the banking and consumer goods sector.


Prior to founding Beijing Wayland Consulting Company, Dr. Liu had a long and distinguished career as a professor and consultant in China and the United States. He has been a professor of economics at Beijing University and the Cadre College of Central Government and a consultant at Monitor Company’s Management Strategy Consulting unit, based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Dr. Liu is a Council Member of the Beijing Economic Law Society, where he is an appointed advisor on the Sino-foreign corporate affairs subcommittee. He is an independent director of a publicly-listed Chinese chemical company and a mutual fund company. Dr. Liu is an expert member of the evaluation commission for the Chinese SEC that oversees the granting of licenses to mutual fund companies. He has assisted several Chinese local economic development zone administrations in developing local policies and plans for attracting foreign investment and facilitating exporting and importing.


Dr. Liu graduated with a B.A and an M.A. degree in Economics from Beijing University, China. He also holds a master’s degree in Economics and a PhD degree in International Political Economy from Boston University, Massachusetts.


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Mr. John A. Corrie
Advisory Member

Mr. Corrie has had 30 years of experience as a Member of Parliament, both at Westminster in the United Kingdom Parliament and as a European Member of Parliament in Brussels.


Mr. Corrie has had 30 years of experience as a Member of Parliament, both at Westminster in the United Kingdom Parliament and as a Member of the European Parliament in Brussels. (Wikipedia page of John Corrie)


While in Parliament Mr. Corrie served as the Private Parliamentary Secretary to the Secretary of State for Scotland. In addition he served on the Budget, Development, Agriculture, Fisheries, Transport, External Affairs, Regional Planning and Migration Committees. During his terms of office he has travelled to some 130 countries throughout the world meeting 57 Heads of State and has written several booklets.


Additionally, Mr. Corrie is Honorary President of the African Caribbean and Pacific Joint Parliament Assembly concentrating on Overseas Development work, and has been a member and Chairman of various international committees.  He was a Member of the Western European Union Defence Committee.


Mr. Corrie held an Industrial Fellowship with Conoco and De Pont, USA and continuously served as an advisor to a number of private companies, and also to governments throughout the African Continent and is still involved in this work. 


Mr. Corrie was educated at George Watsons College, Edinburgh and Lincoln Agricultural College in New Zealand. While in New Zealand he was commissioned from the ranks of the New Zealand Army.


He is an active farmer in Scotland, and has been a Nuffield Agricultural Scholar studying farming in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

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Mr. Michael Fraser
Advisory Member

Michael Fraser has 45 years experience in Engineering and Business Management. He began his career in Heavy Electrical design; gaining extensive Marine Engineering experience throughout the Far East – India, China, Japan, and Australia.


In the 1960s he was approached by Esso Petroleum (ExxonMobil) to join their Fuels Marketing Department. The commencement of 37 years with this company lead to quite varied work experiences and objectives. The key target at all times was “Return on Capital on Employed.” An assignment in Fuels Marketing led to team management until the 1970s’ global fuels crises, during which time he was asked to manage a large team to meet UK Government Fuels Allocation (essentially managing Government rationing of Petroleum products).


In the era following the 1970s crises he was nominated to a team recommending future business strategies to the Esso Board against the shock of the Saudi Government price hike and the start of OPEC.


North Sea Oil was discovered in the early 1970s and this led to developing teams to capitalize on this windfall by maximizing petroleum product sales and developing suitable storage and production facilities which he set up in Aberdeen and Shetland.


Due to Michael’s recognizing the need for class leading products he accrued excellent revenues.  This led to widening market opportunities and towards the early 90s growth targets set by Exxon US were set in the Paper Industry and Heavy Diesel engines. He led teams to advance this work in Europe and the USA.


He obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Technology having also obtained in his early years a Higher National certificate in Mechanical Engineering.

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